Devin Spanjersberg is a Austin, Texas  based makeup artist. “ From a young age, I was in theatre. I was a actress who was fascinated with the makeup, and the way it could transform someone on stage into a character. Also the creative aspect of creating a work of art on a person. When I was in high school, I joined theatre, where I did the makeup for the shows. That is where I found that makeup is what I want to do.”

“Theatre is what truly inspired me to become a makeup artist, and transform someone into a piece of art.”

Devin moved to New York City where she attended the Makeup Designory (MUD), completing the master’s program. It was during this intensive training that she designed makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots and designed a range of characters. She moved back to Austin to pursue  career in her home state.

“She looks forward to evolving and improving her style. She continues to seek opportunities to create amazing works of art, like the ones that she was inspired by as a child.”